New book from Matt Hern

Long-time ISE lecturer Matt Hern has an excellent new book just out, combining an extended travelogue to the center of Canada’s tar sands with an engaging dose of social theory and free-form political commentary.  Here’s what the publisher, MIT Press, says about Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life: A Tar Sands Tale, co-written by Matt […]

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Against Climate Geoengineering – A response to Jacobin

From Keith Brunner, a union organizer in Burlington, Vermont and a friend of the ISE. This was originally submitted to Jacobin in response to an article by their editorial board member, Peter Frase, but Keith has not received any response from them. A Socialist Case Against Climate Geoengineering Since the 2015 UN Paris Agreement, climate geoengineering […]

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2018 ISE Annual Gathering: Aug. 17-19 Marshfield, VT

The Institute for Social Ecology cordially invites you to our 2018 Annual Gathering for a weekend of engaging political discussion, great food, and socializing in the beautiful Vermont countryside. The gathering is a unique opportunity to renew the Social Ecology community in person, renew old friendships and make new ones, and connect with like-minded people […]

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Ecosocialist Educational Convergence in Germany

Several social ecologists and friends of the ISE are involved with this upcoming program.  We’re sad that the timing overlaps with our own program in Washington State, but this should be an excellent alternative for people in Europe who are not able to make the trip to the U.S.: Ecosocialist Educational Convergence 28 May – […]

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The ZAD Becomes Compost: LONG LIVE THE ZAD (Zone a Defendre)!

By Beverly Naidus When something you have witnessed, loved and cared for is destroyed and uprooted, whether it is a forest, a species, a community or a culture, it can wreck the spirit. The trauma of these violent actions, informed by greed and ignorance, can ripple out widely, encouraging resistance, but it requires attention. In […]

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Z.A.D. and the Revenge Against the Commons, by John Jordan

ISE affiliate and longtime activist John Jordan has written an account of the Z.A.D. autonomous territory in Western France that is now under attack by the French state. “As you may well know, Isa and I and our collective the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination moved to the autonomous territory of the zad in western France […]

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